Vegan Employee Health Care with a stethoscope

A Vegan Doctor Dedicated to Your Employees and Their Families

Vegan Primary Care now offers businesses and organizations the opportunity to contract with a private physician at a discounted rate. Our vegan employee health care program gives your employees free primary care visits, discounted labs, periodic health assessments, and coaching/wellness plans — all under the guidance of a vegan doctor.

Enlightened Employee Health Care

  • Continuity of care: Our patients see the same provider each and every visit
  • An Innovative model: Our doctors provide education and health coaching, encouraging a whole food, plant-based diet while meeting each patient where they are on their health journey
  • Our physicians are vegan and aligned with your employees’ core values
  • Our patient visits are longer and more comprehensive than those offered by standard telemedicine providers


  • Terms tailored to the size and needs of your business
  • Build a healthier workforce
  • For Vegans, By Vegans
  • Flexible and convenient “Punch Card” Program

Partner with Vegan Primary Care

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